The primary focus within our Nursery is to create a safe and peaceful environment for our babies and toddlers to experience the love of Christ through our workers.

Early Elementary

The primary focus of this class is to create a more structured atmosphere allowing the kids to "learn how to learn".  In other words, they begin to understand the importance of rules and respect for one another.  Each week, the teachers prepare a lesson based on one of the many "bible stories" along with what we call, "the big idea".  For example, when they learn about David and Goliath - not only are they exposed to true account of what happened long ago, they are taught a truth that can be applied today... such as, "God is big and always on our side".


The primary focus of this class is to further equip the kids to make a choice to follow Christ.  We discuss foundational truths such as Salvation, the value of the Bible, the Goodness of God, what Faith is, as well as, the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  Each week the kids are exposed to object lessons, crafts, stories and lots of laughter.  Everything we do in this class is designed to help the kids understand that a relationship with God is more than just coming to "Sunday school" once a week - but rather, something they can experience 7 days a week!